Saturday, June 3, 2017

Nesting Behavior

7 am.

My morning vigil reveals doves in their attempt to set up house in the palm tree outside my patio.
Good luck.

We are eye level, 10 feet from each other. The female paces back and forth, unsure, appraising the sharply serrated limbs.

Is this really a neighborhood where she wants to raise her chicks?

Meanwhile the male flits between various limbs and the roof top above her, cluelessly holding a thick twig.

"Is this what we need, Honey?"

Eventually she takes the twig and flutters to the pavers below. After much chewing and grinding she takes a suitable half piece back to her would-be nest.

Where to put the now correctly sized twig?

First time home buyers I think: apprehensive and wishing they had paid more attention when their parents went through the same process.

And then panic. My neighbor opens his back door to take his dog for a walk. Both birds leave in an explosion of feathers.
Doves are the only birds I know that actually squeak during flight...

Deciding on a house is scary.
I squeak, too.

Several days later, 9 am.

No doves, no nest.
Guess they decided to "go in another direction."
Good luck.

Unit available, maybe.


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