Monday, April 21, 2014

A & B

Does anyone out there remember vynel? 45 rpms baby. The hit was called the A side. The B side was usually some loser track that some producercoaxed out of a rock group that just wanted to be done with the their A side hopefully top ten song. Usually a loser track, sometimes not, depending on the poupularity of the group or the retrospecgtive analysis of music historians. But what about rocks? Tonight I worked on a beatuiful moonstone, knowing full well that the b side lacked the qualit y of the a side, smooth, rounded now cracks or caves. The cracks are endimic,c ant be helped. grind too hard and the hole rock is destroyed. Do I keep working on the b side until the rock becomes skinny and diminished, knowing that it wil never equal the a side. Or just let it bee jock b. Will sowjpvever buts or inherits it understand that obviously the a side goes out, not to be reversed? And what about people? I have a definite b side, and I think an A side. Wil people remember me for the good side or the bad? Hpeufully both and realize I did the best within the limits of my formation and gentics.