Saturday, June 14, 2014

Heading South, Part One

Erin Brokovitch Was Here!
(Spoiler Alert!  This story has no happy ending.)

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014
(Not Julie.... in the movie, the real one, sure as sweat pouring down the fatman's nose)

The corner of Hinkley and .....

How do I know?  Signs, signs, you can read the signs as .... sung.

Not the one of above, silly, the one below that caused me to screech off the highway, park the Element perilously close to oncoming and ongoing trucks the size of aircraft carriers.

What was this all about? 
I had no clue (as usual) until I saw the sign right outside the passenger window, just beyond my wife who expected the next behemoth truck to rearend us with a force that would launch us halfway to Bishop, Califronia.
This sign, to be specific.

Hmm...somebody has it in for PG and E.  No surprise there, nobody likes a MONOPOLY (not the game) and this ones faulty gas lines erupted like Vesuvius in ... and blew a good portion of ... county and .... souls right into the stratosphere.  Not to mention their forced marketing of anything but "smart readers" to reduce your utility bills.

Oh well, "It Happens" as the sugarland song explains though most of us would pronounce it with an "sh" before the "I".

But we wondered what kind of excrement inspired the artist that produced these two painted plywood masterpieces?

So we did what Sherlock and all true detectives do.
We turned on our Way Too Smart phones and solved the mystery:

Though the movie Erin B. ended comfortably because tragedy borne corporate
irresponsibility and the resultant tragedy was followed by JUSTICE SERVED, real life just aint that neat.

The battle continues dispite ./..  //// best dramatic efforts the battle continues and has been all but lost.

So here.s what we learned from two sources, the first a website known for unimpeachable truth and impeccable scholarship:

Wikipedia which reveals that this mega corporation has dicked with people in the courts, tried to buy them off (or out) and the plume of pollution has forked and spread drastically from its origins:

The second unimpeachable unbiased as this ABC news report (equally fair and truthful in the persuit of a story) indicates:

Tell the truth.  You didn't go to either one of those links, did you?
I understand, life is too short, no time to worry about other problems.

So let me give you a soundbite summation:

1. Big and Bad megacorporation wants to make its customers happy and make billions by moving natural gas efficiently along metal piplines ....

2. But two problems:  natural gas .... doesn't volunteer to move to homes of potentially happy customers, so it needs to be compressed and forced to its destination
2. Compressing this gas creates heat, the kind the causes problems and creates leakes
Solution: send this fossil stuff up a tower and enlist others to keep it cool.
Solution: Hexavalent Chromium which is kind of like the rock salt makes ice colder so you can make ice cream faster )Im cranking as fast as I can don't beat me, Dad, please!)
3. which iks a bigger problem because chromiu mm six also increased a baby risk of dddddd rapid organ deterioration

so blah blah blah so theres a riskthat your children will be born ith birth defect   blah blashwhagtever
also next paat

When informed by the courts that they must desist from creating freaks and mindlessly zombies they ciscoverd an solution, and absolute cure for school shootings:

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