Sunday, December 29, 2013

Near Heart Attack on Christmas Eve

Exhausted after finishing the Buzz Kill Epilogue, I wondered if had enenergy another rock collecting encounter. But somewhere out there were my rocks all carefully  chosen and then abandoned along the road in fit of parnoia (see Buzz Kill Epilogue).

More than the rocks, I was looking forward to an aimless and relaxing afternoon on an empty beach.  Collecting moonstones? Well, only if they crawled into my backpack on their own.

All went well, my but my pack got heavier somehow with conglomerates,  rocks that were odd mixtures of common and unfamiliar minerals.  I sat down and paid tribute to the surf, sand and sky.  Cleaning up the epilogue post had cost me a lot of sleep and I was no mood any adventure today that would have me pounding on they keyboard beyond midnight.

The quiet afternoon surf lapped in and out, hypnotically, more like lake than ocean and my mind took off...

Switch to fiction, maybe a novel I thought, especially science fiction or fantasy.
Before long my mind took off.  Switch to fiction, especially fantasy/science fiction.  Lead off with the words of an ancient manuscript, The Rocquerian Codec, some proverbs and prophecy as a pre-story.  Working title:

          Stonequest Idles

Seek not the rock of absolute clarity
The clear spaces within empty
as the souls of men who buy and sell gems.

The most precious rock is mystery
Amongst little clarity is much matter
And to study such rocks
is to peer into the universe itself.

Precious beyond all is the Key Stone
left to us from times beyond past
from beings beyond imagination
a final gift before their transcendence.

Rockquarria, codecs I, II and III

Before such ideas as time and place, cause and effect, light and dark or even the void itself, was The Prime, both three and one.   Before departing to a higher plane, they foresaw how their imprint on the void had spun out the very seeds of our existence and the coalescence of all matter that had preceded it.  Emergent life and its sad and halting evolution was a high contingency for which they had prepared.  Rather than leave us to eventual destruction, they left behind an impossible sign, a terrible enigma, and our last desperate hope.  It came to be called the Key Stone, firmament bound, and left for a life forms sufficiently risen, that if found, might push back the darkness of their own creation.

Some say it has already been found--and lost.
Others say it never will be.
Come near the Key Stone, it is said, and experience harmony.
Share it with others and mankind hurtles light years into the future
Not to perish but to ascend.

Introduction: Legends of Stone, St. Michael

The most precious of rocks
reveals the greatest mystery.
Clarity lacks meaning
until mingled with matter:

The Rocquarria, codec four

Chapter 2

He hated this dusty fucked up planet.  More of an asteroid, Jase Michael thought, and certainly the worst place his star jockey father had ever been stationed.  The favorite complaint of  mil-brats was "never staying long enough to find the crapper."   And in the case of this toilet of an outpost, that would be fine with Jase.  He would throw a party the day his father got orders anywhere else in the known universe.

Not that he a had a lot of people he would invite.  One or two maybe.  Don't get to close, was a helpful axiom, because the might just might see them again on another base.  Former friendships became awkward when you've aged a year but your friend has gained three.  It all depended on whose sky jock father got the most deep space transfers.  Relativity was a bitch and traveling near light broke up a lot families and friendships.

Strella now there was a fission scaled fuck-up.  He remembered accidentally bumping heads with her during a par-sec-cheesi game after school in his bed quarters.  For a second, he and his nine year old friend might actually kiss.  But his mom came in with snacks and the moment was over.  The next time he saw her was when he again bumped into her, this time in a crowded school hallway on Proxima C.  He looked up, trying to move his eyes beyond her breasts, and to her face, making sure it was his childhood friend. 

And he must've been pretty slow doing it because his last memory was her shaking her head and walking on to her class of probably disgusted at being detained by a mere freshman.

And so much had happened, he wasn't sure he was capable of being friends, well, except maybe for... Brushing a finger along his temple, he opened an aud and picked up another rock while he waited.  A vid
second later, there was Danny on his retinal display, mouth open as he lay shirtless on a bed, staring off looking at Prime knew what.  Hey Jase, he said finally.   I accessed some of my Dad's special vids, want to me to send a link?  You gotta see these bithches.
I'll pass this time Dano he said greatful that it was a close vid and not wide one.  "Up for seeing who can he saw  touched his temple and brought up Danny.  He was

He kicked a stone watched it disappear into a canyon below.  Looking up from its edge, Jasy watched one of  the Centauri suns racing its quick arca above the horizon.  He smiled. Just watching it sometimes made new-landers puke for hours.  The sky is spinning.  The sky is spinning!

One day he got so bored that watched a vid that was pre-trilinneal vid, and alone in his room laughed crazily when he heard at the last bit of aud:
Tomorrow is another day! 
Not on this butt-hole of planet, lady.
Tomorrow is just fifty-five minutes away.

But it did have the raw materals to synthesize an atmosphere.  I liked being out of the compound, on his own, but doubted he would enjoy trapped inside a dmn buble suite.

modified sports, lost interest in 35 minute hocky

Key scenes and characters and plot direction
Bad character tension...who?  base commander?
still want him to have a pet?
Can the pet be connected to the rock, a kind of guardian?
Is it worth all this, disaster on base, stars come close they escape just to have a chance to use the phrase void fucked and have family stranded?  and the frog learning bianary?
What about his she the bad force?
Does he have a sibling that matters to plot? boy, caine and abel or sister.
How are they antithetical to Jasy
How can I make his family seem real to teens and adults? who,s in it?

lazy drug friend chapters
Strella's bad love interest
kid you looked at breasts first in class why trying to get homework solution
"No, I don't think so" verses encounter with Jaysie  jesus st. Michael? the warrior angel
looked up from breasts but kept eyes locked, recognition dawning on both
Dad doing job
fishing trip with dad
hermit his teaching comes back later in pieces
The dark has nothing more fearful than your own heart
The most fearful thing in the dark, is your own heart.
setting, background introduced in small units and and right time.

Strella and her bra
finally get it after suggesting it to mom
takes her shopping...remember dress when wore it.
Tell one of your close friends but don't tell anybody
By the end of the day everyone knew.

And it got worse the next when I passed Jasy
All he could do was chest level.
consoled by teacher then after some jerk kid says well ah! like a magician.
teacher sees, assigns detention (before kid knows it)

Later, Jase (St. Michael) transfers into her school, his astonishment, the awkwardness and
teacher helps Strella with her feelings again.

Bad guy is Dad's commander who perhaps has another motive for sterilizing the planets, three of them which coincide with three of the planets slated for destruction, three they must visit to find another rock.
Father will die...maybe his mother and sister?
  Each will coincide with one of the ailing aspects of humanity, father son, spirit and the threesome might have to split up to purse their separate tasks
Father beneficent guidance, rules preventing disaster...maybe prep for war
Son forgiveness, learning to love enemies (preventing war)
Spirit the indwelling, the ascendence through love
They are the new prime.

father tries to call him at lake don't make me deploy skytraclers!  but he has to go back for the pyriamid rock
Just like father's boss spotted him in the canyon and warned him against going there.
boss's motive, greed? one will be a plantation slave planet, or industrial but lucrative sweat shop, one a testing sight for effective ness of certain weapons, harsh control of species considered a danger?

Geezer?  ex scientist for military who quit when learned about peripheral species sterilaztion procedures, the third planet to be destroyed.
(or skip other 2 sides of pyramid)

Do they develop skills realated to their facets?  Jase forgiveness because of mother's suicide after sisters death?  or is he st michaek the avenger. 
what gifts, strella insight, understanding, mental healing?  old man, clarity of purpose and necessity of yielding to rules, goals at all coasts--a super teacher,

The creature who come to named Pete after the loud noise he makes.

Was the plan to lure another intgelligent race into the system and blow them up, only they arrived early having also learned of the key stone?

So somehow the geez jasy strella end up in a shuttle, void-fucked, having enter stasis while the frog refuses and sits on the main consel, using its bianary language to either signal help or make a single light jump.

They wake up after several year of constant exposure to the rock.  And they are changed, physically, and according  a single facet of the pyramid.  They are the rock, now, the birth of a prime unit, the key to mankinds ascendency though they don't know it yes.  celebrity survivors that capture media attention.  They also know the truth of what happened and why...both species searching for key-stone.  Need new bad guy now, maybe someone who recognizes their potential.  ills geezer hence st michael

decimating all life forms on the planets was just shortcut to finding the stone.  Doing it moved up the time table and tactics of the enemy fleet.

forgive father's death (never was mother sister after space accident?)

The frog died having every ounce its power into their rescue.

Key Stone legend:
seeding the universe
the stone that will promote harmony

the young boy stuck on an asteroid
hates it no friends and if he was reunited
they'd be as old as his parents.
tomorrow is another day,
no tomorrow is 15 minutes away.
Kids at his school use it as time reference
for quarters when playing competitive sports

Walking bored then meets
the strange creature that insists on befriending him
loud screaches when tries to stomp it and leave it.
then the sign language which evolves as a
relationship develops

Father a pilot who must  protect potential stores
of CompressedTri-Uranium CTU
a pea per year per world and will
enable everyday people to travel through light jumbs

The creatures efforts to communicate,
loud screams
compressed hands after pointing digits.

Saves his family from being "void-fucked" a
main swear like I'll be void fucked, or up the creek without a paddle.
And the word he uses but has more meaning
like he and his family are stranded during a deep space transfer.

previously boy thinks the frog/whatever
after pointing, you me, then undulating
compressed palms.
Holy Gates!
The frog wants to fuck me.

Ultimately the story will lead him to discover the key stone, harmony and hope for mankind


Its okay to lie n the spirit of truth

All writers lie about facts. The good ones do it in the spirit of truth.

Though darkness has  more appeal, light has more power.