Monday, March 24, 2014

chapter one

"He holds him with a skinny hand
 There was a ship..."

Charging up the central corrider, Houlihan with more speed than could be expected of a man his age.

The Master Chief passed crew members without a nod, quite unusual crew members said in retrospect, from a man who always stopped to check on crew members he knew or a polite nod at those he didn't.

Not today.  Noncoms (and even officers)  jumped aside as he passed, relieved not to be his target destination.  Few of them had seen the e-vids of an organism known on their home planet known as a bull much less the boxing movie known as raging bull now desolate but home planet, earth, but all were prudent

Not that he was hard man to work under. He managed to be gruff but universally revered. Even when a subordinate totally screwed up, he would deliver his criticisms, not skimping on the seriousness of the error, but always with a twinkle in his eye, an other aspects of body language that said, "I know you can do better than this."  And most everyone did.

But now he was muttering under his breath, also anomalous, something about Alpha-Beta-Tois, a hideous amalgamation of greek and French that had become the unfortunate for name for the frontier planet, loacated a parsed etc, where they were currently grav-anchored. name, parsec.

Others believed he something more akin to "Al-buh-tross" which made little sense in the aftermath.

He pushed aside the slow automatic door to the bridge, where his personal friend Craig T. Knowlan sat in the captain's seat.
"Cr..." then realizing his mistake but unable to take it back he continued "aption".
Sadly this uncharacteristic apse came together for all ears as "Crapton".

Captain Knolen's face went rigid along with everyone else in the command center, all finding something else fascinating on their displays, their uniforms, or their cuticles.

Captain Nolan nodded toward the door leading to his quarters.  When it shut everyone gasped, wheezed or quitly jiggled with subdued laughter.  Many had been on the verge of explosion, but master chief Houlihan deserved that kind of respect.

Inside the captains quarters Within a nanosecond of the door shutting
"Craig, something's just night right here!"

Before a quarter of an hour passed, every one of the 23 souls he was charged with training and protecting would suffer a hideous death.

"And now there came both mist and snow"
somethings going on here
hates name, starts worksheet
looks up,
everyone looking at her, her best friend avoids eye contact
except for school mean girl who delivers the line.
 "And now the storm-blast came"
back to H?

"The bride had paced into the hall"
then strellas disaster

then Jace introduction
"I looked upon the rotting sea"

Equally devastating to his psyche was that he would violate the three priorities he expected of himself and others:

stay calm
respect rank
be precise

He broke the first rule after pushing aside the slow automatic door to the bridge, where his personal friend Craig T. Knowlan sat in the captain's seat.
"Cr..." realizing his mistake but unable to take it back he continued "aption".
His uncharacteristic lapse came together for all ears as "Crapton".

Include big bang forces being held then let go
The rock shows both views  BBC and where stones found

Don't forget history 
One before moving higher intelligence coincidentally created must be provision. Galaxy stone
Post emp humanity
End of first book..
And the wall began to glow...

He could rip you a new one and hand you the old one on a platter when you screwed up.  But always there was an indifference that let you know that over the y ears he had seen it all.

So the wise ones stood straight, confessed it all, and often witness that momentary twinkle in this eyes, that said, "You're better than this."  And damned if you didn't start beliving it after he said it.  Scoes, efficiency drills

Right now neither eye twinkeld.
He has heading up the main tube from engine room to bridge like a locomotive.  The winkle was  replaced bya teeljaw attitude.
Not a time tfor cachat or Hey or morning...this 5x10 by n3qarly 5 6could mow you over.

And he was muttering under his breath
and mumbling under breath the worst sign which meant ithat he was not only instituionally angry by personally so.  Nothing good would of getting causht in crossfiare of that  chiefs emtotins.

one recruit hearhim in his mumbling dangerousway, Ill be void fu cked before keep quiet about this  and went to meet Nathan Abrams, a long time friend who had makde godfather of this kids.
bidge coffereance room
waiaite d until nld.  ou assholetommy, why didnt yu tell how bad it wass up here...weve done two rebuils, studied every linkage.

the minute we to obit of thiscursed planet we got bad liuck.
I do and you do and dont you tell me you made a command decision cimply bcause you felt lucky?

Dursed like in that old lColerage book, remember?

What else would it be since you ugly mug overloked mwhen Sluzanne decide to marry me rather than yu.