Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Letters Gone Bad: A Sinking Feeling

Overused letters, I'm so tired of them!  
Particularly "D" and "W".

Now, "D" stands for DROUGHT, got that. 
And "W" stands for WELLS ...like the ones that everyone tells us will soon go dry if this temporary climate anomaly continues.

So I shower shorter (the "C" word, CONSERVE) and try not to worry about the

 unrinsed soap in my arm pits.

I also try to ignore people telling me I ought to be drinking bottled water. Yes, I've heard that sodium levels have reached 800 milligrams in San Simeon, a person's total salt allowance if you drink your prescribed four glasses of water.  Not good for we high-blood pressured elderlies.

Well, I came up with a solution for this hazardous health issue.
Drink less water--or stop altogether! 
After all, many liquids are much more fun...

But lately I've noticed that my drinks, whether soft or hard, taste vaguely like broken sewer pipes smell.

So, I did an experiment. I threw out all the stored ice cubes in my fridge--on the off chance that they were tainting my beverages-- and dumped them all into a sink.
Woke up this morning, tried to figure out why my sink looks like this: 

Ugly stuff but no problem, right?
Minerals are good for you, salt is essential.

Still, I might henceforth avoid anything "on the rocks".
And that's a hardship for someone who still enjoys collecting them.