Monday, March 14, 2011

The Death of Fishes, Part Two

Just when I thought the situation couldn't get any worse. Zoom in and you will read that a "truck driver somehow dropped the slimy, reeking fish on Interstate 215".
And now the story has changed. The new spin on this fishy tragedy is that they all died because of a toxic algae bloom, effectively absolving the rich Redondo-ites of any negligence.
Why were other common harbor animals like seals and dolphins unaffected by this supposed toxicity?
And you can be sure that a truckload of decaying seals or dolphins, if they fell onto a highway, would not be referred to as "slimy" or "reeking". That's because these lucky creatures enjoy a "cute factor".
But nobody respects sardines, whether in or out of their cans, swimming or rotting.
This is an obvious example species bigotry (specism) and reeks of a deep pockets cover-up.
And nobody cares.
I just hope I don't start weeping when I open up my next can of sardines...