Thursday, July 31, 2014


Had a revelation tonight.

No doubt because I have TMTOMH
     (Hello? Too Much Time On My Hands)

Anyway, it occurred to me that three of my favorite dvr-recorded series have a beautiful, spunky female character--who is black and speaks with a decidedly mid-western accent.

Icabod Crane, Under the Dome and True Blood are examples--not that I watch these particular shows myself.

Now I have no issue with black women one way or the other, and readily admit to no first hand knowledge about them. 

Nor do I need to.  All women, to me, are a delightful mystery. 

I've decided, nonetheless, that only one of them is worth investigating.  Her name is Debbie.  She's kind of a cream-in-your-coffee color, and every morning I wake up grateful because this vanilla colored woman and I still share the same last name.
But what's up with the mid-western accent? Why not a jangling Jersey, an excessively dipthonged Minnesotan, or a New England drawl? (Yeah, knew you expected me to to complete that last sentence with "Texas" drawl.  Fact is, they don't drawl so in the big "T" as they lag.  Hand me a few martinis and I will explain it to you: "Tay...uhh ...ex...ahsss".

All women are attractive--whatever their localized locutions.  And as a concept, I love them all--white, brown, black, yellow or red.

And if anyone has encountered the latter two...women who are actually yellow or red... 

Well then, email me at