Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jill Rocks (and will continue to do so in her retirement)

Breakfast, always a major concern for males.  I stood below his San Simeon porch, a boys concert weekend at the coast.

J: That motel buffet was pretty good yesterday.
B: It was.
J:  Maybe we should go into Cambria today, try some place new?
B: Yeah.
J:  But then again, we're sure to get what we want at the buffet--and as much as we want.
B: True.
J:  So, Jill's retiring?
B: Uh, huh.
J:  She's so energetic.  How's that going to work?
B: Not sure.  But Jill will make it work.  She can do that.
(Not sure "B" used this many words.  But he did ramble on, my mind wandered, and I considered the egg sized rock pressing against my toe).
J:  Wow, this is one large moonstone!  Nice, huh?
B: Yep.
J: I wonder if it came from around here.  It's really large for a beach agate.  Someone might've brought it from the desert...
B: You think?
J:  How 'bout going back to the buffet?
B: Sounds good.
J: Mind if I keep this rock?  I'll give it to Jill after I polish it."
B: Sure.
J: Pick you up, half hour?
B: OK.

My polisher was down for several months but that was OK.  I was exhausted after this lengthy verbal exchange and needed some rest before taking on "Jill's Retirement Rock."

Until tonight.  It took some time but went well.

Still there's nothing I or anyone else could create that would adequately symbolize the absolute commitment, patient demeanor, and daily sacrifice that Jill brought to her students and coworkers.

J: Keep on rockin' Jill.